Aerial: Motion Picture, Television, Video, Photo, Panorama

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Photogrammetry - Aerial Mapping, Surveying, DIGITAL ELEVATION MODELS and Orthophoto Service
The following is an Orthophoto consisting of 274 individual images taken at 30 meters elevation.  Imaging was conducted at Pedernales Falls State Park.  "KR Pano" viewer is used below to illustrate the giga pixel resolution obtained by this method.  When viewed in Google Earth, ArcGIS, GeoTiff, CAD or other formats you will be able to zoom to a much greater level.

Google Earth viewer is commonly used to view our high resolution images due to its availability and ease of use.  The following depicts the extremely high resolution of our photogrammetry as compared to the relatively low resolution available with Google Earth.

Zoomed In View - Camera Wings GIS Registered Orthophoto

Zoomed In View - Google Earth Highest Resolution